Thai Church History Books

Written by Karl Dahlfred.

Books about the history of Christianity in Thailand.  For a more comprehensive list of materials about the history of Christianity in Thailand, please see Herb Swanson's Bibliography of Thai Christianity.  Many books, articles, theses, and blog posts are also available at the Thai Missions Digital Library.


Smith, Alex, Siamese Gold, A History of Church Growth in Thailand: An Interpretive Analysis 1816-1982. Kanok Bannasan (OMF Publishers), Bangkok, 1982.

Available from Kanok Bannasan.



McFarland, George Bradley, ed. Historical Sketch of Protestant Missions in Siam 1828-1928. White Lotus Co., Ltd, Bangkok, 1999.

Available from White Lotus Press and other Thailand-based booksellers (Asia Books, Kinokuniya, etc.) 


McGilvary, Daniel, A Half-Century Among the Thai and Lao: An Autobiography, Fleming H. Revell Company, New York, 1912.

(Image: Cover of Thai translation of McGilvary's autobiography).
Reprints of the English original are available at  A scanned PDF of the original text is also freely available online.


 Swanson, Herb, Khrischak Muang Nua: A Study in Northern Thai Church History. Chuan Printing Press, Chiang Mai, 1984.

Out-of-print. Paperback available at  Read online at



Brown, Arthur, A Modern Apostle of Siam: A Sketch of the Life and Work of Rev. Eugene P. Dunlap, D.D. Amazon Digitial Services, 2013.

Kindle edition available from 



Dahlfred, Karl, Daniel McGilvary: Pioneer Missionary to Northern Thailand, Amazon Digital Services, 2012.

Print and Kindle editions available from




Bennett, Averil, Songs from the Heart, Kanok Bannasan (OMF Publishers), Bangkok, 2005.

Print edition available from Kanok Bannasan.




Visser, Marten, Conversion Growth of Protestant Churches in Thailand, Boekencentrum, 2009.

Print edition available from Kanok Bannasan.  



Kim, Samuel I., The Unfinished Mission in Thailand: The Uncertain Christian Impact on the Buddhist Heartland, East-West Center for Missions Research and Development, Seoul, 1980




Wells, Kenneth E., History of Protestant Work in Thailand, 1828-1958, Church of Christ in Thailand, Bangkok, 1958.




Carolyn Boyd, The Apostle of Hope: The Dr. Kriengsak Story (West Sussex: Sovereign World, 1991).