Written by Karl Dahlfred.

The idea for this website came from a desire for my church history students at Bangkok Bible Seminary to have a single location to easily find book titles, articles, and timelines to help them in their studies.  When I referenced a book or asked them to read a particular document, I wanted to be able to say, "Just go to such-and-such a website, and you'll find it there". In English, there are lots of source for church history books and articles on the web, but such sources in the Thai language are fewer and harder to find.  For that reason, I am focusing on the development of the Thai langauge side of this website in order to provide resources for Thai-lanuage speakers who want to learn about church history.

Aside from resourcing the Thai church with Thai language church history materials, a secondary purpose of this website is to help missionaries, students, researchers, and other interested parties to find English language materials about Thai church history.  Although there are an abudance of English langauge materials available about Western church history, materials about the history of Christianity in Thailand (and other non-Western nations) are harder to find.  Thus, I hope that the English side of this website will help to fill that gap as concerns English-language materials about Thai church history.